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Resources: SDS, TDS and Product Data Sheets
All files are in .pdf format

Enclosed are the most up-to-date versions of our Specification Manual, SDS, PDS, and General Policy from MBTechnology.  These supersede any previously versions issued (in print or electronic format).

Layfast-TU35 PDS-002-08
Layfast-TU43 PDS-003-07
Layfast-TU70 PDS-004-07
Layflat SBS Underlyment Type LF40 PDS-072-01
Ice and Moisture Block SA65S-(D1970) PDS-061-00
Ice and Moisture Block SA65G-(D1970)
Ultrastick HT Underlayment SA68P-HT (D1970) PDS-069-03

Base Sheet and Inner Ply (Hot/Cold)
Layflat-LF60W PDS-011-05
Layflat-LF25 PDS-013-07
Layflat-LF40 PDS-027-02
Layflat-LF60P PDS-039-04
Superflex SF160PSA PDS-008-07
Superflex SF160CSA PDS-031-02

Cap Sheets – Metal Clad (Hot /Torch)
Metalflex-MF160WCU Copper PDS-029-03
Metalflex-MF160WAL-Coolwhite24 PDS-036-04

Granula Surface (Hot/Cold)
Fireguard FG90GWH PDS-006-07
Fireguard FG160CWH PDS-009-13
Fireguard FG160GWH PDS-026-03
Fireguard FG160PWH PDS-035-07
Superflex SF155PWH /SF155PBF PDS-015-07
Supercap SC100GWH PDS-012-0
Supercap SC85GWH PDS-049-03

Granula Surface (Torch)
Fastorch FT140WWH PDS-057-1
Fireguard fastorch FGFT160GWH PDS-017-06
Fireguard fastorch FGFT160CWH PDS-025-08
Fireguard fastorch FGFT160PWH PDS-038-01
Fireguard fastorch FGFT160 WWH PDS-030-02

Self Adhered
selfstick SA Cap SA160 PWH-HTPDS -066-02-SA160PWH
seflstick SA Base & Ply SA45PPDS-071-00
selfstick SA Nail Base SA43NB PDS-067-00-SA43NB
selfstick SA Base /ply SA65FF PDS-077-00-SA65FF

Base/Inner Ply (Torch)
Fastorch FT120GSAPDS-016-07
Fastorch FT120PSAPDS-018-05
Fastorch FT160CSAPDS-010-09

Accessories - Coating Title 24 Compliant
CO-24 Top Download PDF
CO-24 Base Download PDF
Walk Pad Download PDF
MB Liquid Flash Permanent Detail Sealant Download PDF
Cold Adhesive Download PDF

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
SDS sheet SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes Download PDF
SDS-Coating CO 24 Top Coat Download PDF
SDS-Coating CO 24 Base Coat Download PDF
SDS-Cold Adhesive Download PDF

Specification Manual
General Policy Download PDF
Specification Plates Download PDF