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Facility Manager Resource Center

Facility managers play a very important part in a commercial building’s overall well-being. They’re responsible for maintenance of existing structures and securing the most cost efficient assets, such as roofing systems, to meet their budget, objective, and latest building codes.
With MBCare, we can evaluate your existing roofing system, prepare a budget, and write a non-proprietary roofing system specification at no cost or obligation.

If you end up using an MBTechnology roofing system on your project, you will enjoy the benefits of MBCare for years to come thanks to our no-cost biennial roof assessment and our complimentary repair and maintenance service.

Reach out to MBTechnology at 559-233-2181 today with any questions you might have about SBS modified bitumen roofing.

How can we help you today?

  • Schedule a FREE roof assessment*

  • Connect with a sales representative

  • Order samples of MetalflexSBS®

*MBCare inspection is currently available for commercial buildings only.

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