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Resources: CSI Formatted Roofing Specification

Today’s proliferation of different roofing systems has created major confusion for the designer, architect, owner, and consultant. To assist you, we have created four different CSI formatted roofing specifications. They cover a variety of substrates, application methods, and warranty durations.
These specifications are written around the following systems:

Roofing System surfaced with ceramic granules:

Fireguard series Heat Welded application
Ideal for areas where it is impractical to use hot asphalt (e.g., hospital, schools, and high-rises).

Fireguard series Cold Adhesive application
Minimizes the presence of any odor during the project.

Fireguard series Hot Asphalt application
The most economical way to apply the membrane. Better suited for new construction and larger projects.

Roofing System surfaced with embossed aluminum foil:

MetalflexSBS series roofing system
Should you have a building that requires special solutions not addressed here, please contact our technical manager at (800) 621-9281, or e-mail Information is also available upon request on CD. For your free copy of this CD please e-mail us at:

The specifications and details presented on this web site should not be construed as absolute. The proper selection and application of a roofing system is dependent on the roof design, climatic conditions, code requirements, building occupancy, and other factors specific to each individual project. Final responsibility for the design and suitability of any roofing membrane lies with the designer, architect, consultant, contractor, and owner. Architects and designers should be aware of all local building codes and regulations not presented on this site.

Request a Specification File:
We have endeavored to provide the best proven details based upon our experience and the experience of roofing designers and contractors. The majority of these details were developed and accepted by National Roofing Contractors Association. These details are general in nature and should be supplemented by individual design consideration of the specific project.

The following specification is provided as a guideline for specifying MBTechnology SBS roofing system. MBTechnology is a manufacturer of SBS modified asphalt roofing system and as such has no experience or expertise in the area of architecture/engineering and with regards to consulting in such areas. Final responsibility for the design and suitability of any roofing membrane lies with the designer, architect, consultant contractor and owner. We recommend that the owner’s representative verify the accuracy and appropriateness of a specification provided for any specific project.

Click links below to download respective CSI formatted roofing specification:

Cold Adhesive
Heat Weld
Hot Asphalt
MetalflexSBS Cool White 24