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The FREE roof maintenance program from
MBTechnology that goes above and beyond
other warranties offered in the industry.

A systematic roof inspection and maintenance program is essential to the satisfactory long-term performance of any roof. Through such a program, potential problems can be discovered in their initial stages or prevented altogether.
Once the roofing system is installed, most manufacturers only return to the roof in case of leakage. Our warranty is different, since we will inspect the roof every 3-5 years at no charge to the owner. A comprehensive report is then prepared (digital and printed format), describing the condition of the roof. This report will alert the owners to any areas that require maintenance. In case of minor problems on the roof (e.g., loose flashing), we will repair them at no charge, even if it has not yet resulted in leakage.

MBCare is available at no charge on projects utilizing our high performance dual reinforced membrane. They include the following:

SuperflexSBS SF160CSA (mop, cold applied)
FastorchSBS FT160CSA (heat welded application)

FireguardSBS FG160CWH (mop, cold applied)
Fireguard FastorchSBS FGFT160CWH (heat welded application)

Another valuable aspect of MBCare program is that on projects utilizing above system we conduct more than our standard inspection. This includes a minimum of 1 or more inspections/week during the application to ensure compliance with the specification.
To receive your free sample copy of such report please contact us at

Roofs seldom fail catastrophically.

More typically, small, unnoticed problems gradually turn into major issues that require expensive repairs or, in the worst-case scenario, premature replacement of the entire roofing system.

A systematic roof inspection and maintenance program is essential to the satisfactory long-term performance of any roof.

Who has the time and expertise to develop and run a professional quality roof inspection and maintenance program, though?

That’s why there’s MBCare, a complete range of complimentary roof services from MBTechnology, the world’s leader in styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified bitumen roofing-membrane systems.

MBCare delivers exclusive…

Free inspection, roof evaluation, non-proprietary specification writing, budget preparation and maintenance to owners and managers of commercial buildings.

MBCare lets you discover potential roofing problems in their early stages or prevent them altogether. If your building’s roof needs to be replaced or repaired, MBCare provides the expertise to create a budget, prepare a custom non-proprietary specification, and complete the project correctly – at no cost to you.

If you end up using an MBTechnology roofing system on your project, you will enjoy the ongoing benefits of MBCare for years to come thanks to our no-cost biennial roof assessment and our complimentary repair and maintenance service.

In short, MBCare goes above and beyond other warranties offered in the industry.


Site Inspection

You don’t need to hire a roofing consultant or an architect. MBTechnology’s MBCare experts will perform a complete, free site inspection to evaluate the condition of your building’s roof. We’ll identify each area that needs attention including patches, repairs, and re-roofing.

MBCare will then provide you with a comprehensive written report complete with photos and detailed, easy-to-understand descriptions of the roof’s overall condition and of every area requiring remediation or replacement.


If you need to reroof or repair some or all of your property, MBTechnology’s MBCare experts have years of experience developing detailed specification and budgets for roofing projects of all kinds– from the smallest and simplest to the largest and most complex.

We are happy to assist you, free of charge, in developing a comprehensive budget for your project that is ready to present to managers, purchasing, maintenance, or other relevant stakeholders. With MBCare’s help, this budget will set out, clearly and in complete detail, the scope and requirements of your roofing project.


MBCare continues to save you time and money by providing you with a detailed and customized roofing specification written to your unique requirements such as: warranty duration, cool roof option, insulated or not.. etc… All specifications are non-proprietary and include our products alongside competitors’ products (when comparable products are available). MBCare will then prepare a detailed Construction Specification Institute (CSI)-formatted roofing specification to form the basis of contractors’ bids.

The specificity and precision of MBCare’s written roofing specifications can help avoid guesswork in the bidding process and eliminate the kinds of ambiguities that can lead to expensive contractor “Change Orders” as you move forward with your roofing project.

Job Walk

MBCare stands beside you all the way. At no charge to you, we will send a technical representative to your job site at the time of the bid to meet with interested contractors and answer any questions they have regarding your roofing project and specifications.

We will do an in-person walk-through with the contactors to fully explain your job requirements and the unique site or project challenges that your job presents. If needed, we can also provide you with a list of eligible contractors who have expertise applying MTechnology’s Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems.

Installation Supervision

If the bidding process results in your chosen contactor using MBTechnology’s SBS modified bitumen roofing membrane, MBCare will provide on-site personnel to monitor and ensure the correct application of the product.

Free of charge, our MBCare representative can be onsite as often as necessary (with a minimum of 1 inspection per week) to guarantee that specifications are followed to the letter and that contractors do not take shortcuts or rely on substandard materials in any aspect of your roofing job.

Continuing Care and Maintenance – ABOVE and BEYOND!

Every 4 years, MB Care will inspect your building’s roof (even if there is no leak) and prepare a detailed, updated report on its condition.

MBCare will make minor repairs and perform maintenance for any issues noted during inspection, even if the condition has not yet resulted in any leaks.

Take Advantage of MBCare Today!
To learn more about MBTechnology’s unique and free MBCare services, or about the entire range of MBTechnology’s SBS roofing systems, email us at:
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