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When you’re working as a contractor, it’s important that you offer your clients the best roofing and underlayment systems. MBTechnology can help you complete this mission by providing you with superior SBS modified bitumen roofing and underlayment systems.
We have a variety of marketing collateral to enable you to educate your customers about why they should use LayfastSBS®, Ecotorch®SBS and SupercapSBS®.

We have also made our cap membranes available in over 11 shingle colors and blends to match every project.

Our SBS modified bitumen roofing and underlayment systems can be applied using heat welding, hot asphalt, self-adhesive, or cold adhesives application. There has also been a recent demand for more environmentally friendly roofing options. MBTechnology has met this demand by introducing products like MetalflexSBS® Cool White 24 and Ecotorch®SBS. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make roofs last longer while using recyclable materials whenever possible.

Contact MBTechnology at 559-233-2181 today to discover more about how SBS modified bitumen roofing could benefit you as a contractor.

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*MBCare inspection is currently available for commercial buildings only.

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