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You put a lot of thought into what finish goes on top of your roof, but your roof is so much more than that. A majority of the quality tile and shingle manufacturers offer 30-plus-year warranties, but because the underlayment is the only moisture barrier used in the assembly, the system integrity will be compromised by employing an inferior quality felt or synthetic roofing underlayment. The traditional felt has a more limited lifetime and becomes a weak link in the tile-shingle system.
For a minimal cost, you can upgrade your roofing system with a rubberized asphalt underlayment, LayfastSBS®.

Rather than installing an inferior underlayment such as felt or a synthetic plastic and paying the price for it later, make sure you have LayfastSBS® underlayment from MBTechnology installed on your roof. Our SBS modified bitumen underlayment system will serve as a moisture barrier and stop rainwater from working its way underneath your roof. By picking out the right underlayment system, you’ll make your roof more durable and ensure it lasts for many years.

LayfastSBS® is available with a 10, 15, 20, or 30-year warranty. It complies with ASTM D226 and meets the requirements of the International Code Council (ICC).

Click here to learn more about picking out the right rubberized asphalt underlayment for your roof. You can also call MBTechnology directly to see what your best option might be.

Get in touch with MBTechnology at 559-233-2181 today for more information on SBS modified bitumen roofing.

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